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Micro Blogging

Micro Blogging

I like the motivation and spirit of It's an interesting platform.

Brian Ross
Brian Ross

I discovered thanks to a random Superbowl LIV gambling tweet by the always interesting (and Markdown inventor) John Gruber:

You really should consider following gruber. was created by Manton Reece to create a safe, creator-owned, interactive short-post forum for creators and readers. It's sort of an anti-twitter.

From Why I created

Instead of yet another social network, is designed to work with the open web. It’s built on RSS and independent microblogs. It’s about pulling together short posts and making them more useful and easier to interact with. It prioritizes both a safe community of microblogs as well as the freedom to post to your own site. encourages publishing at your own domain name, where you can control your own content, but it still integrates posts into a familiar timeline user interface, with centralized replies, favorites, and an open API based on JSON Feed and IndieWeb standards.

I like the motivation and spirit of It's an interesting platform.

And I want to learn more. I've decided to incorporate it in my posting workfly. I'm tinkering now, but here's what I'm doing:

  1. Cross posting stuff from here to there.
  2. Posting real short random stuff there.

That's it for now. I trust my use will expand shortly. supports a simple Podcast capability; it's somthing I've wanted to play with; a sort of face-your-fears exercise in improving my 'public' speaking.

I'll keep ya'll posted.

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