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Learning React Roadmap

Learning React Roadmap

It's been awhile since my formal education. But, I've always tried to learn. It keeps me engaged in the ever changing world, hopefully, it keeps my mind sharp and, of course not least of all, I get to learn new tricks.

Brian Ross
Brian Ross

Teaching an old dog new tricks.

Why learn new things?

It's been awhile since my formal education.  But, I've always tried to learn.  It keeps me engaged in the ever changing world,  hopefully, it keeps my mind sharp and, of course not least of all, I get to learn new tricks.  

Very recently I had a health scare.  Less recently I learned my father has Alzheimers.  Both events, I'm sure one can imagine, have inspired a deeper desire within me to stay alert, alive and with-it.

Why Learn Tech Skills?

I've worked on the business side of technology for over 20 years, directing, benefitting from and always marveling at the abilities of the developers and engineers with whom I've been privileged to work.  Knowing what they do, well, knowing a bit of what they do, serves me well in many ways.  First - it helps me appreciate their successes and struggles; it promotes empathy and respect.  Second (and my colleagues may dispute this) I like to think it helps me better direct, engage with and support them.

I've dabbled in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.  Previously I've played with Python and Ruby.  But I'm an amateur and fledgeling in every definition of those words.  One of my key objectives of this is to become a competent full-stack developer of tools that serve my personal needs.  I no longer have interest in being a dabbler in things that interest me.  Functional expertise and competence is much more appealing now.

How I'll approach learning React

| Here's my plan. It's not written in stone. The great thing about self-directed study is you can weave your way through things that interest you and serve your immediate needs. I'll write iterative updates as I plow through material. And I'll post an 'after action' report once I've made it through a curriculum. |

Let's follow some online stuff.  Here's a good overview of the foundations of the framework:

How to Learn React.js, Part 1: The React Road Map for Modern Web Developers - DZone Web Dev
A discussion of the best technologies to learn to become an expert React.js developers, as well as links to helpful courses and learning resources on React.

And here is a great resource on an approach to learning React:

How to Learn React: A Five-Step Plan
These five steps, which should take a dedicated student about a week, will provide the foundation you need to get started.

Let's break that down a bit.

  1. HTML - I probably know enough and loop back around when I get stuck.  HTML 5 knowledge is light, so there is a chance I'll need focused effort there.
  2. CSS - same here, functional knowledge.
  3. Javascript and React- I signed up for this course:
The best courses for learning JavaScript, React, Redux, and more
The best courses for mastering the latest web technologies like Modern JavaScript, React, Vue, Redux, and GraphQL

Here's some additional resources I'll likely reference:

Matamo Privacy Minded Analytics: