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January 20, 2020

January 20, 2020

Brian Ross
Brian Ross

top tasks

  • IBM Prep
  • Week Plan
  • Amazon Notes
  • Journal
  • Atomic Habits Precis

food log

What I ate Was it healthy?
Ensure Sure


9:00 Journal, Sprint Plan
10:00 Sprint Review, Planning
11:00 IBM Prep
1:00 Flex - tackle Top Six
2:45 Eye Exam


  • Weekend was great.
  • Went to Water Dog Smokehouse in Ventnor for lunch on Sunday; delicious
  • Shopped at A great store in Hammonton for italian food and other stuff.
  • Bought some antique crap in Hamonton
  • Winston had a sleep over with Gidget; went pretty well.  A bit chaotic, but nothing bad.

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