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Isolated and trying to thrive

Isolated and trying to thrive

Brian Ross
Brian Ross

It's been more than a month of worry, escalating dread and uncertainty.  There's been  a cancelled vacation to go to Key West and see the Philies opening day in Miami, a job lost (my wife), and growing job insecurity (me).  Unemployment has been filed, life has been re-imagined and new hopes and fears have emerged.

It's been more than 2 weeks of working-from-home. There's been some escalating-social-distancing.  We now have a real fear of going to stores.  New life patterns have emerged; we cook every meal, have theme nights, clean feverishly.  

My wife and I are enjoying seeing each other more.  We've gone from working opposite schedules to never being apart; a generally happy shift with a few minor, understandable struggles.

I'm eating better but am much less active.  

So many people are doing admirable things.  Others are doing odious things.  Too many are suffering.  Everything is different.

Will it ever be like it was?

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