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My Dems need to get their shit together

My Dems need to get their shit together

Brian Ross
Brian Ross

I'm amazed that the best minds of the left can't sort this shit out.  

Sanders (a great alternative choice in the senate), Butigieg (nice guy, smart, neophyye), Biden (laden, creepy), Klobuhar (no policy complaints, lacks a certain energy ), Warren (too everything drustrating with the left), Bloomberg (a CEO).  They're largely a bunch of admirable individuals who happen to be reactionaries, novices and / or relics.  They dont represent the best of us or the brst chance to unseat out Not-So-Great Leader.

This should be easy, shouldn't it?  

The economist sums it up well:

The Democratic primaries will be a contest between radicals and repairers
The repairers have the better case

I value compassion,  integrity and science.  it's odd these things are now politicized.  

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